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Clamps & Clamps

Clamps are used in the distribution of electrical energy. They are used to support electrical wires placed in e.g. casing pipes. Thanks to them it is possible to fix the installation to the wall, ground or wall. Casing pipe cables and clamps are used both when supplying energy to individual consumers and when building a complete electrical installation in a building. Clamps are also used wherever a quick and solid fixing of rounded parts is needed. They are used, for example, in industry to join steel parts during the construction of car exhaust systems.

Buckle and Clamp Construction

The vast majority of clamps are constructed in a similar manner. This type of clamp consists of two elements with a rounded shape. They are finished with bases that have holes for bolts. After inserting the casing pipe or reinforced cables into the clamp, it should be closed by tightening the screws with a screwdriver.

Screw clamps are also used, which consist of only one element. In this case the protective pipe or cable is placed in the loosened clamp and then clamped by tightening the screw.

Depending on the type of casing, they may be equipped with a hole for embedding in the ground. Thanks to that it is possible to fix the cable route to the ceiling, wall or ground.

Brackets and clamps - diverse range

There are different ways to fix cables, wires and conduits and therefore the range of mounting accessories is very wide.

The casing clamps are an example of a product that can be used during the construction of power poles. They can be used to lead the protective pipes between the poles. Thanks to execution from strong, galvanized steel, this type of products are characterized by high resistance to weather conditions.

All kinds of clips for girders are also a popular solution. Thanks to them it is possible to fix cable routes to steel construction elements in a building. Thanks to fixing the clamp with a screw and a nut, there is no need to drill or weld, and at the same time the installation is safe and solid.

A spacer is an example of a mounting element which is used when it is necessary to maintain a certain distance between the ground and cables. The shape of this element makes it possible to place cables or covering pipes directly in the clamp. At the same time it is equipped with a characteristic bend or a spacer bolt, which ensures the required distance from the mounting point.

Another important example of such mounting accessories are cable clamps. They are used to connect several cables by means of one clamp. A very big advantage of such a clamp is the possibility of comfortable opening and closing, which is essential during diagnostics and servicing of the installation. This type of clamp can be fixed to the ground by means of screws, nails or pins. Clamps are used both during the construction of electrical installations and when organizing cables and wires in offices or living quarters.

Clamps and clips - materials

Depending on the intended type of use, clamps and clamps for conduit and other cables can be made from completely different materials. If the mounting elements are to be used for industrial installations, they should be made of materials resistant to external factors. In this case, usually galvanized steel sheet is used for their production. When a clamp or a clamp is to be used in exceptionally difficult conditions, elements made of acid resistant steel are used.

On the other hand, when buckles and clamps are to be used in closed rooms, mainly plastic is used. Manufacturers offer a choice between standard plastic and fire resistant plastic. The latter provides a much higher level of safety.