Branch connectors

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Branch connectors

Universal branch connectors are a type of connector often used in installations of lightning protection devices such as masts or spires. They are indispensable for mounting and maintaining safety of the whole installation and, as a result, protection of the object against lightning discharges.

Tapping connectors: characteristics

Branch connectors are used to make cross and through connections, both to cooper and wire. Seemingly, tapping connectors do not seem to be an important element, however they are an important part of the installation responsible for effective current drainage during a lightning strike. Branch connectors are high quality products, made of galvanized steel. It means that they are not only solidly made but also look good. These elements were subjected to several treatments in order to cover it with zinc coating. Thus protected branch connectors show even up to dozen times higher resistance to unfavourable weather conditions. Covering metal elements with zinc is a popular method, which increases the protection of steel parts against corrosion. The external dimensions of the connector are 57 millimetres by 57 millimetres. The screw spacing is 30 millimeters. Four M8/25 screws are used to properly fix the element. Universal branch connectors are eagerly chosen by professionals. It is worth choosing proven elements, from leading manufacturers.

They can be from a category such as open rail, 5-track, open, cross 4-screw - and they are selected depending on what purpose they are to be used for. When someone decides on branch connectors from the manufacturer Delkar, they can be sure that they are choosing a product of the highest usable quality. One that will be reliable in all working conditions. When selecting this type of universal connector one should take into account the parameters, which include: material of production, cross-section of connection, clamp width for flat bar, surface protection and also clamp range for round cable. Optimally matched branch connectors will perfectly serve for making straight and cross connections.

Cable connectors and branch connectors

There are also connectors such as cable connectors, which connect two wires together. Its end is pressed on the cable on one side, and on the other has a termination that allows you to connect the cable to the screw or to the shield. Connectors from manufacturers such as Elektro-Piast must be pressed on two ends of the cable to connect them together. Each connector, as well as the branch connector must be matched to: type, cross-section, conductor material. Subsequently the suitable press form must be selected, e.g. trapezoid, square or single indentation. Press forms for connectors and terminals are the same. With these, different cable types and high-quality cable lugs can be connected in any way you like. Obtaining durable connections is the greatest advantage, resulting from the use of this type of electrical fittings.

High quality branch connectors and cable connectors can be used in many industries. They are: waterproof, resistant to the penetration of solids, have an increased IP protection class. Their parameters always correspond to the needs they are intended for. And although branch connectors are inconspicuous elements, they are an important part of the installation responsible for effective current discharge during a lightning strike. Branch connectors are made of galvanized steel. That is why they are solid and aesthetic. The connectors are always subjected to several treatments in order to cover it with zinc coating. They are several times more resistant to unfavorable weather conditions. And that is why electricians appreciate their parameters and choose this type of connectors for various special tasks, with increased requirements.