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Vacuum pump

Vacuum pump

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Efficient braking system is necessary to maintain the safety of all road users. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully take care of its technical condition and in the event of a defect, use proven parts from reputable manufacturers. You will find the right components in this category!

Components of the braking system

Today, friction brake systems are in use. They are divided into two types: disc and drum. The former are gradually replacing solutions without brake discs from the market, but there are still some manufacturers who make them. Regardless of this component, each brake system also has pads/shoes, servo, discs/drums, high pressure pump, hydraulic fluid circuit, cylinders/pistons, brake force corrector, brake pedal and emergency brake cables. All these elements must be fully functional for the brake to work properly. Only in this way is it possible to guarantee the safety of not only the occupants of the car, but also other road users.

Brakes must be kept in top condition. That is why our offer includes not only durable parts, but also accessories that help to service them. Due to the high impact forces and exposure of some components to contact with water, their condition should be constantly monitored and the entire component or its parts should be replaced regularly.

The principle of operation of the braking system

During operation of the brake, the pistons or cylinders are subjected to pressure due to the external pressure acting on the brake fluid. Its propagation is not point-like, but it moves evenly throughout the system. In currently used systems, the control of the pressure of the pistons is carried out with the use of a corrector. By using good quality components, it is possible to obtain the appropriate braking force without the risk of sudden locking of the wheels while driving. Brakes are designed to counteract the vehicle's momentum by using frictional forces. This method of decelerating is conducive to the safety of vehicle passengers and all road users.

How to fix brake system faults

First of all, materials are consumed through operation. Brakes showing signs of weakening are characterized by lower braking efficiency, audible squeals during operation and a decrease in the thickness of the friction material. This is the way brake pads, drum linings and discs are worn out. However, you can easily replace these components with the products in this category - here you will find durable components that extend the life of the entire brake system.

At the moment of a sudden failure of an element, modern cars signal it with the appearance of an appropriate indicator on the console. An instantaneous drop in braking force is also noticeable, and often a complete lack of it. These types of signals occur when there is an unexpected loss of brake fluid, which causes a drop in pressure inside the system. The most common responsibility for this is taken by cables which may break under the influence of changing conditions. To fix the fault, replace the faulty or damaged elements with new ones - most of the elements you need can be found on our portal.

Items subject to the most common failures

In the vast majority of cases brakes cease to fulfil their function due to negligence in servicing. Then the brake pads and discs are damaged. In the first case, the symptom is uneven lining wear and instability during braking. Ignoring these signs may lead to the loss of the vehicle's ability to stop. So remember about regular service and replacement of the most worn parts. The elements proposed on our website are also suitable for mechanics who are looking for spare parts for a serviced car - choose high-quality brakes that you will find in this category. On the portal you will find parts that will strengthen your braking system in your car. We offer a wide range of accessories and replacement elements from reputable and respected manufacturers. By using only high-quality parts, you ensure your travel comfort and safety.