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Central heating boilers gas

Reliable and safe central heating gas boilers are efficient heating devices that perfectly cope with providing heat to installations heating residential and commercial buildings. They allow both to maintain thermal comfort in rooms and to heat drinking water. At the same time, they do not require the use of space for fuel storage, as is the case with solutions using wood, coal or eco-pea coal. The products are also covered by service support and a long-term warranty.

The C.H. gas boilers in the assortment of our online store are economical and easy to install heating solutions for residential and commercial facilities. Furnaces C.O. for gas are equipped with special mechanisms that protect them against overheating. It is also important to have special sensors that detect carbon monoxide. They prevent the risk of smoking. In the case of devices with an additional cylinder, it is also possible to heat domestic hot water.

The principle of operation of modern central heating gas boilers

High-class central heating gas boilers are devices that use condensing heating technology. They are built with the use of elements that enable the recovery of heat from steam, which allows to reduce the operating costs of the equipment by up to 20% compared to traditional solutions. It is worth mentioning that for the proper conduct of the condensation process, the fuel used to power central heating furnaces. for gas , it should be cooled to the temperature described as dew point. The cooling medium is the water circulating in the system.

Practical and reliable central heating gas boilers are adapted to work with a conventional installation equipped with radiators and underfloor heating. Due to the specificity of equipment operation and the nature of condensate, all equipment elements must be protected against corrosion. It should be borne in mind that there are chemical reactions between water and sulfur inside. This results in the formation of acidic condensation which directly influences the development of rust on metal surfaces.

Benefits of using gas furnaces C.H.

Modern gas furnaces C.H. are constructions, the use of which brings many tangible benefits. Their advantages include, above all, high efficiency of thermodynamic processes, which directly translates into a very effective use of the supplied fuel. This allows for considerable savings, which are especially noticeable in the autumn and winter season. Their versatility is also a big advantage. They can be used to supply both the heating system and domestic hot water.

In contrast to coal solutions, gas furnaces C.H. are characterized by high purity. Their operation does not involve the production of dust or soot deposited inside. At the same time, their compact design allows them to significantly save space. It is also worth mentioning that in the case of equipment with a power not exceeding 30 kW, it is not necessary to install them in the boiler room. In addition, during the combustion process very little amount of carbon or nitrogen oxides is emitted, so the equipment can be classified as ecological and environmentally friendly.

Efficient and cheap to operate gas central heating boilers

The central heating gas boilers offered by our online store are cheap to operate, and at the same time very efficient. They enable heating of large buildings and can be used in any type of facility, i.e. residential, industrial or utility. They also allow water heating - therefore they are universal and versatile heating solutions. They are easy to install and can be easily installed in the kitchen or bathroom of a detached house.

You can buy central heating gas boilers from industry-renowned brands covered by a long-term manufacturer's warranty. The devices do not require the construction of a dedicated chimney to discharge by-products from the combustion process. Take advantage of our wide range of heating products and choose reliable C.H. for gas natural! We provide professional support in the selection of solutions tailored to your needs!