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Safety devices - necessary equipment when working at heights

Work performed at heights is one of the most dangerous. In order to avoid the risk of significant damage to health, the employer is obliged to provide the employee with appropriate safety devices and to ensure their proper use. In addition, each person responsible for safety must accurately locate the places where belay devices will be necessary, as well as conduct employee training and regularly inspect the equipment.

Belay devices - wide selection

For working at heights, belaying devices such as lanyards, safety harnesses and shock absorbers are most often used. You can find each of them in our store. It is important that workers with such equipment attach themselves to the anchor points. Sometimes they are readily available, but sometimes you need to ask an engineer for help to install them. It is also important to check that the belaying devices are holding well. The harness can be weakened by welding, working in an environment with sharp edges or chemicals, therefore regular inspections of the devices are necessary to ensure their 100% functionality.

Visit our website and find out what belay devices you can buy. We have self-braking devices, made of a massive plastic housing, a mounting eye, a rotating steel hook and a rope made of galvanized steel wire. There are also seats for working at heights at your disposal, with aluminum reinforcement and polyester belts. Such a structure allows the user to lift in and out vertically, and also ensures stability in a sitting position, which significantly increases comfort and convenience during many hours of work. Lifting-lowering devices and fall arrest devices with a flexible guide move up or down when the worker moves and lock in the event of a fall. You will also purchase a winch from us, which is used to lift people or materials. Such belay devices are not only a guarantee of safety, but also a way to make your work easier.

Descenders - feel firm ground under your feet

Equally useful both for working at heights and for mountain climbing are descenders . They allow you to safely and quickly return to the ground by descending from a height using a rope. We offer a wide range of products depending on the destination. We offer auto belay devices with a lock function, for additional belaying from above and below, for lowering people and loads, and downhill rollers with a brake. Rollers are the most popular descender devices. In our store you will find classic models or the so-called eights. Remember that in order to guarantee complete safety, these devices should be used in combination with a caliper device that allows you to brake when descending.

Descenders are divided into three groups. The operation of classic models is based on the force of friction. These include belay devices such as a carabiner liner, eight, belay cup and a Sticht plate. Among the descenders, there are also semi-automatic models, the operation of which is based on a combination of friction force and clamping force, as well as automatic ones - based only on the clamping force (they jam). The safety cup is the most recognizable device today. It was created as an improvement to the Stich plate, but instead of a repic, i.e. reed loops, it has a steel ear to which the HMS carabiner is attached. The cups allow for belaying on all types of ropes - static, dynamic, single, half and twin. They are characterized by extraordinary durability and versatility.

Our online store is a collection of proven and reliable belay devices. We have products from the best producers on the market who ensure the highest quality of materials used in the production. Each element was created with attention to detail, therefore it guarantees 100% safety. When working at heights, do not endanger your health and life. Bet on the best equipment. Choose individual components or practical kits!