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Barriers and signage

Road safety is extremely important. Both drivers and pedestrians should exercise extreme caution when moving on the pavement or road. In order to ensure an adequate level of safety, special safety barriers are installed on the shoulders and sidewalks, which effectively minimize the risk of loss of health or life. In this category you will find practical and durable safety barriers.

Road barriers - to reach your destination safely

Barriers and markings on the roads are extremely important. More than once, such protection has saved the life or health of road users. Durable steel safety barriers are placed on the sides of expressways, highways and national roads. In places where the risk of an accident is high, especially in sharp bends, durable safety barriers are installed. Thanks to them, in the event of an accident, the possibility of a car falling out of the road or driving into the abyss is effectively minimized. Road barriers are also one of the ways to mark the shoulder and protect pedestrians.

Industrial barriers guarantee a safe workplace

In this category you will also find barriers and signage, which are necessary in industrial plants or warehouses. Work at heights and in places where many machines operate at full speed require appropriate control by specialists. All tanks, high balconies or elevations should be secured with industrial railings that reduce the risk of an accident. As a result, health and safety regulations are met, and employees can feel comfortable while performing their duties. The products offered by the manufacturers available in our store are appropriately marked in a characteristic yellow colour, so you can see them even from a distance. Barriers and signage are an indispensable element of the equipment of any workplace that operates in the industrial sector, so choose the appropriate equipment.

Portable barriers - wherever the area fencing is needed

Portable barriers are light, yet durable products. You can easily set up mobile fences and create a zone that is properly secured. Portable railings and signage are perfect for all construction sites. Thanks to them, you will prevent unauthorized access to the square, mark out a safe zone or secure the work area. It is also worth using them during road repairs or changes in traffic organization.

A fence is also placed on the premises of mass events, thanks to which you can effectively ensure the safety of each participant. In this category, you will find portable barriers with different parameters, depending on the selected model of a given manufacturer. Thanks to this, you can adjust them to the size of the project. For construction sites, we recommend the largest sizes, while when carrying out minor renovations, for example on pavements, it is worth putting up smaller barriers.

Sidewalk barriers for pedestrian safety

Sidewalk barriers guarantee the safety of people walking on the sidewalks. Particular attention should be paid to the grounds of schools or cultural centers. As a result, each child can safely move around these places. Sidewalk barriers are made of the highest quality products that effectively prevent cars from getting to the side of the road during a road accident. The products offered by various suppliers on our website have been painted in vivid colours that can be seen from a distance. Installing them is an effective protection against the consequences of accidents.

Protection of protruding elements - warning tapes

It is also worth securing any steps or protruding elements. It will certainly be possible with the help of warning tapes. Bet on white and red tapes that protect mass event areas or construction sites. They work well as a temporary form of fencing of an area. It is a cheap and easy way to mark out dogs or communication routes. You can also choose practical black and yellow tapes, which can be successfully used for covering protruding elements, marking thresholds, stair steps or low passages.

Look for solutions from renowned manufacturers or choose less known but good-quality products. Thanks to them, both institutions and individual clients will receive practical support. Pay special attention to securing all elements at the workplace or roadsides - place an order now!