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Road barriers

Road safety is extremely important. Many people are still unaware of the dangers of illegal driving, both for the driver and other road users. One of the most effective forms of preventing the tragic consequences of accidents is the installation of special road barriers. Most often they can be found on highways or expressways - they protect the centre and outer lanes. They are also placed on sharp curves of national roads. In our store you can find the highest quality road barriers, which will significantly increase the level of safety.

Road safety barriers

Road barriers mounted on the outer side of the road are about 75 cm high. They prevent the car from running over the side of the road. Higher barriers are used on viaducts, bridges and flyovers to prevent the vehicle from rolling downhill. Road barriers protect drivers by stopping the car and absorbing the force of an impact. Thanks to this, the car may stop during an accident, and the victim's chances of survival are much greater. In the event of a vehicle breakdown, you must also walk behind the barriers while waiting for help. Thanks to this, a passer-by can also feel safer - in an accident, oncoming cars will not harm the health of accidental road users.

Road safety barriers also separate the lanes on expressways and highways. They stop the vehicle before it enters a road that is going in the opposite direction, causing further traffic incidents. The road barriers available in our store are made of the highest quality materials. Their additional advantage is quick and easy assembly. Our products comply with the guidelines for the use of barriers, thanks to which they ensure safety for every road user.

Road railings - safety at every step

Road railings are installed between the road and the pavement. This solution ensures the safety of passers-by in the event of a car collision. The force of the impact is transferred to the steel railing, which results in the vehicle stopping on the object. Road railings can be found in two types: single and double. The former shape resembles a rectangle without one side, the latter has an additional, transverse element, which further strengthens the structure. Thanks to this, it is possible to provide practical and effective protection to every road user. Road safety barriers are painted in contrasting colours, so they are clearly visible. In our store you will find them, for example, in yellow and black or white and red. This solution allows you to quickly notice objects. The steel road barriers available in our store are easy to install and fully resistant to all weather conditions.

Road barriers - where there are repairs and construction works

It is also important to properly secure all road works. For this purpose, properly visible road barriers are erected. In our store you can find many practical products that will effectively inform everyone about the threat. Road barriers are most often erected on construction sites, they can also be used to mark any changes in the organization of traffic, for example changes in the direction of travel on expressways or highways. In our store you will find road barriers, from which you can create a special temporary fence, perfect for any road repairs. Like railings, road barriers are also available in contrasting colours that are easily visible in all weather conditions. It is also worth appropriately securing any renovation of manholes or sections of pavements. For this purpose, you can easily use a well barrier or a classic road barrier. Safety on the road of each road user is extremely important. In addition to being cautious, appropriate signs and security features are important. Thanks to them, you can minimize the effects of the event, and often also protect bystanders against loss of health or life. In our store you will find the highest quality products that will certainly prove to be practical help. Check prices and place an order now.