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Alternators and accumulators

The alternator is part of the basic equipment of internal combustion vehicles, and its task is to charge the battery. It happens that both fail, so it is worth reaching for the highest quality elements that will effectively eliminate the defect. In this category you will find alternators and batteries from reputable manufacturers. Choose the model that suits your car and place your order now! A wide selection and attractive prices!

Construction and operation of an alternator

Alternator is otherwise known as an AC generator. Its main components are the stator and rotor. During the mechanical work of the pulley with the shaft, a magnetic field is created. To be able to charge the battery, the alternator has a silicon-diode rectifier and a voltage regulator. The energy needed to do the job comes from the crankshaft. The drive is realized by a belt. In vehicles with combustion engines, this device plays a very important role, therefore the power system components visible on our website are parts that come only from reputable manufacturers. Fluctuations in its operation result in the failure to charge the battery, which is directly responsible for the appearance of voltage in the car's electrical system.

The most common alternator failures and their symptoms

First of all, the defects of this element affect brushes and bearings. The voltage regulators on the diodes are also damaged, which causes a rotor short-circuit or winding burnout. As a consequence of these problems, a drop in the voltage of the current is noticed and the quality of the battery charging is poorer. An alternator that does not provide adequate electrical power may result in gradual system failure. This can most often be seen through the relevant dashboard indicator light. You can also see the poorer quality of interior and exterior lighting of the vehicle. In an emergency, charging accessories such as car chargers or battery chargers are helpful.

Vehicle chargers provide a fully automatic battery charging process in the event of inadequate voltage supplied by the alternator. A properly selected model is able to spontaneously recognize the voltage and adjust the battery amplification options according to an 8-point scale. It is always worth having such a device in your car or garage so that unexpected situations will not be able to immobilize the vehicle for longer. In case of damage, the alternator can be regenerated. For example, brushes are subject to replacement. In some cases, however, it is not possible to heal it and it is recommended to replace it.

Construction and operation of the battery

The current storage device consists of primary and secondary cells, cathodes, anodes and an electrolyte. Under the influence of cells containing lead and lead oxide, a chemical reaction with the electrolyte takes place. Most often it is sulfuric acid and water. When the tiles are submerged, electricity is generated. All batteries available on the market can be divided into the following categories:

  • nickel-cadmium - characterized by the possibility of quick charging and a slow discharge process due to the use of nickel and cadmium in their production. The electrolyte is potassium hydroxide,

  • lead-acid - they have lead plates, and the working liquid is sulfuric acid. There are maintenance-free types and those that need to be serviced by adding electrolyte,

  • lithium-ion - the plates are made of lithium and porous carbon, there are also lithium salts inside. This type of battery generates a lot of heat, it is also characterized by a large capacity,

  • nickel - hydride - in this case the working liquid is potassium hydroxide. Diodes are made of nickel and metal alloys. They have a large capacity, but they are characterized by a short service life,

  • gel - the electrolyte has the form of a gel, and the device itself provides a lot of energy.

To ensure constant access to electricity in the car, it is worth having charging accessories. The devices that you can find on our website are of the highest quality and great quality. The products offered by manufacturers are products of proven brands. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the other categories.