Air transportation

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Air transport

For any pneumatic tool, air transport is essential, and is responsible for the proper functioning of the tool. Air tools are a wide range of specialised products that are often relied upon by entrepreneurs choosing equipment for shop floors, production lines and workshops. They are characterized by much higher performance than power tools, and are extremely lightweight and ergonomic, which provides comfort to employees while working. They are also almost failure-free, and even in case of damage they are repaired quickly and without problems, which ensures faster continuity of work. Nevertheless, every pneumatic device needs appropriate accessories, which are responsible for air transport - you will find them in this category.

On this platform, you will find not only air compressors for pneumatic equipment, but a wide range of products that will facilitate air transport. First of all, there are air preparation kits. The offers include practical pressure regulators, which are manually adjustable valves that maintain a constant pressure value at the outlet regardless of what the input pressure is. They are responsible for reducing pressure fluctuations in compressed air systems and ensure that the pressure remains constant. High quality filters are also useful for cleaning the air for pneumatic tools. Oilers, which are responsible for reliable lubrication in pneumatic tools, will also make air transportation easier. If your air tools are exposed to humid environments, and you want to ensure proper air transport, choose dehumidifiers - easy to install devices that don't take up much space, but will definitely help increase productivity.

Air Hose - The Basics of Air Transport

Air transport is not only possible with the right tools, such as compressors, oilers and dryers. The air hose that connects the tool to the compressor is also important. It is responsible for the proper transmission of compressed air and other chemicals. In this category, you will primarily find durable air hose made of PVC - this material is flexible and supple, while resistant to mechanical damage and resistant to extreme working conditions. The pneumatic hose made of PVC does not allow oxygen or odours to pass through. On our platform you will find not only standard hoses, but also spiral hoses. This type of air hose has dense coils, which allows it to transport compressed air. It can also be used with oils, fats, fuels, and organic and inorganic substances. A durable air hose is sure to keep you working - also check out the other categories and find the right model for your chosen air compressor for pneumatic equipment.

Other accessories - couplings and reels

In this category you will also find various types of hose reels, which will certainly facilitate not only air transport, but also contribute to better organization of the production hall or industrial plant. Hose reels come with the hose itself. If you are looking for an innovative solution for your large enterprise, bet on balancers for portable tools - these models are equipped with a safety cord and a cabin hook.

Air handlers are also available with couplings. Some of the models available on the site include reducers, elbows, ferrules, union nuts, tees, manifolds and other accessories necessary for a proper connection. With a wide selection of different fittings, you're sure to find the right part for your profession. Have a look at other categories as well - you will find there not only compressors, but also various pneumatic tools at attractive prices. All parts are of high quality - convince yourself by choosing the best fittings, hoses and pressure preparation sets available in this category and create a complete equipment for your company.