Air-conditioning and heaters

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Air conditioning and heaters

Currently car air conditioning is almost standard equipment of the vast majority of vehicle models. Its correct operation depends not only on regular inspections, but also on the quality of the components for which worn parts are replaced. We know how important it is for the proper operation of car air conditioning, which is why in this category you will find lots of auctions with accessories for air conditioning systems.

Design of car air conditioning

In most cases, the active substance cooling system consists of a compressor, condenser, expansion valve, evaporator and dryer. Cooling takes place with the participation of two circuits, one of which is under high pressure and elevated temperature. In the part with lower pressure, a temperature change takes place, which allows the air supplied to the cabin to be cooled. Proper operation of the air conditioning is important not only for the usability of the entire mechanism, but also for the safety of passengers, so when replacing individual components or the entire air conditioning system, take care of the appropriate spare parts.

The principle of operation of car air conditioning

It all starts with the compressor. Thanks to it, the cooling medium is compressed, which increases its temperature under the influence of contraction. Then it is led to the condenser, where it cools down and gives off heat to the environment. The element where this process takes place is most often placed in front of the fluid cooler of the vehicle. Vehicle air conditioning then directs the refrigerant to the dryer where the separation of moisture takes place. In the expansion valve, the substance is converted into a gaseous state, which at the same time lowers its temperature. The final step is to pass the coolant through the evaporator and cool the air entering the vehicle interior.

Faults typical of the cooling system

One of the most common problems car air conditioning has is that the refrigerant pressure is too low. The reason for this situation may be the formation of leaks in the system or the progressive wear of the compressor and the reduction of the air cooling force. On the other hand, high blood pressure is also dangerous. It is caused by an incorrect filling of the cooling system or insufficient heat dissipation via the coolers. As a consequence, the risk of damaging the compressor is increased. If this element has broken down, suitable models can be found at the manufacturers' auctions visible with us.

Many drivers also complain about the noise coming from the engine compartment during operation. Car air conditioning, which operates with a noticeable unpleasant noise, probably has a problem with the depletion of the bearings. Then remove the drive in the form of a belt and find the elements that generate noise during rotation. Even people with little understanding of the mechanics can easily cope with this activity. Thanks to this, they will be able to immediately purchase the correct compressor model, choosing even from the parts visible on our website. If it has been damaged and the refrigerant still remains in the system, it is recommended to dismantle it in a specialist workshop.

Another symptom of a malfunctioning air conditioning system is an unpleasant smell coming from the air supply. It is the result of a build-up of moisture in the evaporator that contains bacteria. Therefore, each cooling system should be regularly serviced and also disinfected with specific chemicals. To make this easier, we have placed many auctions on our website, where you will receive appropriate accessories for air conditioning systems of the best brands.

Heaters and ventilation in the car

In addition to the air conditioning system, an efficient air circulation system is also extremely important. Responsible for heating the interior and the transparency of the vehicle windows. It is important especially in seasons of high humidity and low ambient temperatures. This system works a bit differently than car air conditioning. Air is supplied through ducts from outside the vehicle. It goes to heaters, which are designed to collect the heat of the heated coolant and transmit the air stream to the interior. In this category you will find high-quality heaters that will replace components that are damaged in any way. A properly functioning air circulation system significantly affects the driving comfort, especially when you plan long journeys.

You will find all the spare parts car air conditioning is equipped with on our website. Reputable manufacturers offer us their high-quality products and guarantee their effectiveness. If you are looking for comprehensive solutions, check the other categories and take care of your car.