Agricultural machinery and equipment

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Agricultural machinery and equipment

Appropriate agricultural machinery should be available in every farm. Agricultural equipment is indispensable because it improves the work, which translates into higher productivity. It also significantly relieves people during everyday work. We offer a wide selection of machines, spare parts, auxiliary elements and accessories provided by reputable manufacturers that you can successfully use in many areas of agricultural work.

Machines in agriculture - indispensable help

Agricultural machinery is the collective name for a wide range of technical measures used in the agricultural industry, which vary depending on the purpose. They are used both in larger agricultural enterprises and in smaller farms. Due to the fact that agricultural equipment significantly optimizes farm work through mechanization and automation, any agriculture can function and develop at the expected pace. Agricultural machines available in this category use electric, electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic systems for their work. On our portal you will find ready-made solutions that will certainly affect the quality of the final product.

Agricultural machines are used at all stages of production in agriculture, such as soil treatment and preparation, sowing and planting works, cultivation of crops, harvesting or post-harvest processing as well as transport and storage. Some types of machines are also used in animal husbandry, forestry and gardening. You can find many different offers that you can choose according to your needs according to a specific specification.

Agricultural equipment will facilitate animal husbandry

Production automation contributes to the fact that agricultural equipment is maintenance-free, which allows modern farmers to perform other necessary activities. In this way, their work becomes more efficient and its time is significantly optimized. For this reason, in this category you will find reputable agricultural machines and helpful agricultural accessories that you will use in animal husbandry. Among them you will find: woven and glossy rubber tapes, dispensers, containers, hydraulic lines, hatcheries and incubators.

They are perfect for designing places for breeding and modernizing the existing ones. The above agricultural accessories improve the processes of dosing food and drinkers, ensure appropriate breeding conditions and carry out many other tasks related to the determination of specific places for farm animals and packaging of finished products. A great example of a product that improves poultry farming is the hatchery. It provides space for up to 41 chicken, turkey and duck eggs on a rotating grate. The thermostat maintains a constant temperature, and the supply and ventilation system helps to obtain the right composition of the air. These types of agricultural accessories are perfect for accelerating the hatching process of eggs in private farms.

Customized seeding machines

This category also includes agricultural machines for the processing of ground areas. Carrying out these tasks allows for the preparation of the soil for sowing, its proper fertilization and the cultivation of plants. They have to meet the high demands of farmers who expect precision and efficiency of individual devices. Agricultural machines prepared for ground tasks are:

  • seeders,

  • cultivators,

  • plows,

  • harrows,

  • cultivators,

  • planters,

  • seedbeds.

Our offer includes both agricultural machines and utility accessories helpful in the maintenance and repair of used elements. They also help in the smooth sowing process. For example, a seeder is a device that is designed to accurately measure the distance to be sown. The included spoons are designed for 11 types of seeds divided by size. A full revolution has a linear length of 80 cm, therefore placing a certain number of spoons in it results in the implementation of seedlings at fixed distances. The seed drill coulter is responsible for the furrow depth. If necessary, stable weights can be placed on the support plate.

To ensure optimal working conditions, it is worth using proven products. Offered by reputable manufacturers agricultural machines and auxiliary accessories are reliable and easy to use. Regardless of whether there is a need to retrofit your farm with appropriate equipment, or to modernize or repair the existing ones, you will find the right elements on our portal. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the other categories in which you will find a wide range of useful devices.