Adapters for measuring torque and angle

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Torque Measuring Adapters

Torque measuring adapters are used to accurately tighten ratchet wrenches. They measure the torque applied with such tools. They are electronic devices equipped with a digital display and an input spindle with an appropriate drive (hexagon or square socket) to mount the ratchet wrench driver with which the torque is applied, and an output spindle ending in a square driver to mount a socket that transmits the measured, applied torque to the bolt. There are many such adapters available on the market with different measuring ranges, up to a maximum of 1000 Nm. They also have a function to select torque units: Nm, kgf m, kgf cm, lbf in, lbf ft.

Tightening Angle Adapters

Tightening angle adapters are used to increase the accuracy and reliability of tightening with a torque wrench. They are designed to accurately turn the torque wrench through a specific angle after the wrench has been triggered, i.e. after the preset torque has been reached. The adapters are mounted on the wrench by means of appropriate holders or magnets. Their main parts are an angle scale and a flexible arm.

Accessories for torque hand tools

Many accessories are used with torque wrenches and screwdrivers: interchangeable 2-way ratchets, blades with different screwdriver bits, wrench bits, ring and eyelet bits of different sizes, heads with drivers of different size systems.