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Roof accessories

Most roofs do not only require a load-bearing structure, an insulating layer and quality roofing. For a number of constructions, it is necessary to equip roofs with additional accessories that will increase its functionality, practicality and possibilities of use. This category includes, for example, roof penetrations, snow traps, ventilation systems, walkable elements or various types of cladding and safety elements.

As with some other categories of building materials, we definitely recommend not saving on roof accessories. These are important parts of the building, so each of these elements should be high quality and safe.

Walks, ladders and roof platforms

At least from time to time it is necessary to climb on the roof and move on it. This is whether due to a complete reconstruction of the roof or just repairing the damaged part. In any case, in such a case, it is desirable to have a roof equipped with proper walking elements so that builders can move safely on the roof.

In this category you will find roof ladders, fixed footbridges, steps or treads. Chimney footbridges or safety hooks for grooved roofing can also be suitable. When we mentioned the chimney bridges, chimney exits are also among the favorite accessories.

Accessories for roof ventilation

In order for the roof to be able to effectively prevent all temperature fluctuations, there are ventilation systems. Elements suitable for roof ventilation include products such as ventilation turbines, ventilation belts, ventilation tiles or ventilation drains. The systems of this roof accessory prevent the condensation of condensed water on its lower part, which could degrade over time and compromise their integrity.

It is necessary to calculate the exact amount of ventilation accessories for roofs, because it can easily happen that you choose it either a little or, on the contrary, oversize it unnecessarily. If you do not feel like calculating such a project, be sure to consult an expert.

Other roof accessories

Frequently purchased accessories also include so-called combs. It is a roof covering, which is placed on the complete top of the roof and thus closes the whole. It is usually recommended to buy ridges in the same color as the rest of the roofing to match everything.

Snow fences or leaf catchers can definitely be used on the roof. Thanks to these accessories, you don't have to worry that fallen snow or leaves would endanger pedestrians under the roof. At the same time, however, it is necessary to check and clean these barriers from time to time.

If you are going to equip your roof with solar panels, then suitable brackets or connectors for profile rails will come in handy. You can also use cable penetrations or cross connectors for these panels for roofs with solar panels.

And you can use fasteners, such as fasteners, screws, bolts or stainless steel nails, to assemble or attach all the accessories.