Attractive offer

I offer standard products in wholesale quantities

An example of an attractive offer is presented below. If you are a manufacturer or trade standard products in bulk quantities:

  1. Show the price of your items

    Buyers are usually more likely to consider and negotiate offers where the price of the product is disclosed. Even if it is only the list price, it gives buyers a basic idea of the prices.

  2. Use a tier pricing strategy

    Tier pricing allows you to show customers how the price changes depending on the number of items purchased. This increases the attractiveness of the offer and encourages submitting inquiries and purchasing more products.

  3. Combine promotions with a minimum purchase amount

    You can use a temporary price promotion for each of your offers. You can also set a minimum purchase amount for a given offer, which will apply the promotion to purchases of a certain value.

  4. Always use custom attributes to describe the product accurately

    Select and add those parameters that make the buyer confident that they are making the right purchase. Competitive prices are not always enough to convince buyers to your offer.

  5. Complete the technical parameters with the description

    In the description, put details about the product that are not included in the technical parameters. Depending on the type of goods, provide here the details of the intended use, features that distinguish this product or the benefits of its use.

I offer custom products that require designs or individualization

An example of an attractive offer is presented below. If you are a manufacturer of devices and custom products that require designs or individualization:

  1. Invite buyers to submit inquiries for a quote

    This option is available by default on offers, but you can turn it off or set the minimum number of items for which you accept quotes. We recommend that you keep this option active and encourage buyers to start business negotiations that often lead to an extension of the order and the finalization of the sale.

  2. Show the price of the basic project or use the hidden price

    On the merXu platform, it is possible to identify products with a hidden price to emphasize their individual character. To encourage potential buyers to contact, it is worth describing the conditions or scope of implementation in the description.

    When you offer items or services whose prices may vary depending on the scope of the order, we recommend that you list a couple of offers with examples of products and their average prices.

  3. Include the scope of the projects In the description of the offer

    Depending on the type of items and methods of individualization, put here a description of the purpose, distinguishing features of this product, or the scope of the project or provided services.